If I book a group tour through Natural Italy Tours…what are the extras?

If you’re like us, you want to know your budget when traveling.  Here at Natural Italy Tours we get that. So, what is included in a Natural Italy Tour and what isn’t?  How much do you need to budget for your trip?

-Natural Italy Tours doesn’t sell hitches, scams, or secretive pricing…what you see written is what you get.  At the bottom of each tour description there is a clear description of what is included in the price. 

Here is an excerpt from our Pisa and Lucca tour


Price – €300 for every 4 people (includes private round trip transport to Pisa and Lucca from Florence, bike rental, and tour guide).

As you can see, after the price there is a description of what is included.  As no meals are included in this particular tour, you will need to budget for a meal.  We are always happy to suggest places for meals and, depending on your budget , can even recommend a place within your budget.  You can also see that entrances are not included—if it is not listed on the itinerary—it is extra—but we will be more than happy to help you book it!  Anyone who books a tour with us has the right to book with no extra booking fees!

Say I book a multi-day trip with a large group, how much do I need to budget extra?

Natural Italy provides


-tips (it is not customary to tip in Italy anywhere, if you feel like someone is doing a good job—feel free to tip at your leisure—Natural Italy has a tip budget built into all multiday tours)

-meals per itinerary—(make sure to check out our next blog article about meal pricing)

-Any activities or entrances included in the itinerary

-Guides per itinerary

-Accommodation only (If you decide to get extra services i.e. laundry, pay per view, etc—these are all extra services that will need to be paid upon departure from that accommodation.  We try to get accommodations with free wifi, but we can never guarantee it.  If you absolutely have to have wifi on your trip make sure to contact us and we can help you find a solution)

What Natural Italy does not provide

-Extra meals (We pass out pamphlets with custom pricing, and menu help for any extra meals—you are normally responsible to provide at least 1 meal per day for yourself)

-Extra museum entrances (If there is a museum you are dying to see and it isn’t on the itinerary you will have to pay extra.  As mentioned above we will help you book it free of charge on our part (if needed) and can give you advice as to which museums will need to be booked in advance).

-Souvenirs (If you want to buy something special to bring home you will need to budget for it.  We will be posting a blog article soon on where to buy certain items and their average pricing…make sure to stay tuned)

I hope this sums everything up…feel free to contact us if you have any doubts. info@naturalitaly.it

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